Earth Pantheon

From: Peter Mcaveney <>
Date: 20 Feb 2001 18:28:47 EST

Oliver Bernuetz wrote:
> Mralota she was said to have been stolen from the dragons by Balazar. If
swine were brought in by colonists wouldn't they have had their own swine deity? Why would they need to steal one from the Heortlings? And if they didn't bring swine along when they wanted one why would they go for a storm related deity rather than taking a solar associated swine deity. Don't Solars raise pigs?

Whoa. Isn't Mralota a member of the Earth pantheon?

AFAIK many gods are shared between barbarian and solar culture. Storm and sun worshippers tend to have different tastes in earth deities (Ernalda vs. Dendara) but they still share most of them. I know Ernalda worship in Sun County is documented in Shadow on the Borderlands, and I believe the grain goddesses and other minor deities are the same. At worst they might change the names.

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