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From: Oliver Bernuetz <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:43:43 -0600

Peter Mcaveney said :

>Whoa. Isn't Mralota a member of the Earth pantheon?

I'm not sure what happened to her. Entra is the swine deity in the Earth Pantheon worshipped by the Heortlings. The swine hsunchen are the Mraloti so there might be some connection there.

>AFAIK many gods are shared between barbarian and solar culture. >Storm and
>sun worshippers tend to have different tastes in earth >deities (Ernalda
>vs. Dendara) but they still share most of them. I >know Ernalda worship in
>Sun County is documented in Shadow on the >Borderlands, and I believe the
>grain goddesses and other minor >deities are the same. At worst they might
>change the names.

Sort of true from a objective viewpoint I guess. Whether the deity is functionally similar from a Solar/Earth pantheon to a Storm/Earth pantheon I would still expect the names to differ. As far as I know Dendara would replace Ernalda in Sun County since she was faithful when Ernalda left to marry whathisface.

I still would have expected a Solar name if the pig was brought in with Balazar's colonists. There doesn't seem to be any point to stealing the god from either the dragons or the Heortlings in Dragon Pass when they could have just introduced the Solar version. (Is that the term for the people living there before the Dragonkill War? I just read Thunder Rebels and I can't remember). A Heortling swine god also seems more unlikely given that the Votanki are ancient enemies of the Heortlings according to Thunder Rebels. Why the extra difficulty of introducing an enemy god into a pantheon? Stealing worship of a swine spirit seems a heck of a lot easier.

Oliver D. Bernuetz

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