RE: The God Learner secret

From: Charles Corrigan <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 23:06:25 -0000

Chris Bell wrote

> The God Learner Secret, on the other hand, was that
> they found a way of finding a myth's corresponding
> node on the Sorcery plane, and attacked it as an abstract
> grouping of mathematical symbols, degrading myth into
> mere technology. They discovered the "machine code"
> behind Theistic myths and bypassed the God Plane
> all together, attacking those myths and powers on the sorcery
> plane and thus manipulating them - the use of Correspondences
> is very much a western ritual magic thing, and very much in
> keeping with the western european flavor of the
> Malkioni and the God Learners.

I like this idea a lot but would suggest that rather than "just" finding the node, the God Learners used their "God Learner magic of Ennoding" (see ) to actually create the node.


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