Balazar and Citadels

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 17:03:59 +1300

Oliver Bernuetz

>Me>OTOH I just don't see Balazar as having the
> >infrastructure to take away most of his able bodied men with him
> >even if they wanted to.

>If it was seen as a last chance to get back at the remnants/causes of the
>EWF the Votanki and Balazar's followers might have seen it as cause big
>enough to take pretty much every able bodied fighter especially since he
>had pacified the region.

But I just said that I doubted Balazar had the capacity to take away most of his able-bodied men even if he wanted to. The limit is nothing to do with desire and everything to do with the capacity. It's not as if they were going to be away for a day or so.

>Maybe that suggests that Balazar did steal/obtain the Votanki
>swine god/spirit.

But the Votanki don't have pigs. And Balazar stole Entra from the EWF.

> >Mereran is a goddess (she's mentioned in Anaxial's Roster p33)
> >and be found on the god plane, not the spirit plane.

>Doesn't mean there isn't a great hawk spirit as well though.

Yes, it pretty much does. The patron deity of the great vrok hawks is a theistic entity, thus there's no way that an animist could go onto the spirit plane to find a great vrok spirit. At the very best, he would have returned with a totally different species of big flying bird.

>There's some evidence in GM that Balazar went out of his way to be accepted.
>He did end up fathering his children on a local nature spirit.

If Balazar went out of his way to be accepted, then I would expect to see citadels, pigs and other civilized what-nots there.

>The biggest problem I see is that for the Votanki to give up their
>traditional beliefs and becoming theists they are severing their
>connections to their ancestors.

You misunderstand. My suggestions were either:

  1. make the Citadel Dwellers the descendants of the people who came in with Balazar. That way nobody gives up their ancestors.


2) stipulate the Votanki to always have been a theistic culture.

    Theists can have ancestor worship as Thunder Rebels shows.

>The Votanki can accept him easier, Balazar can join their
>family and teach the people the skills needed to live in citadels.

What good is a citadel to the Votanki? There's always been a difference between the Votanki and the Citadel Dwellers in GM.

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