Re: The World Is Made of Everything

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:15:20 +0100

Greg Stafford :

> The World Is Made of Everything

( see [HeroWars] Digest Number 313 )

Thanks for the snippet !

But being a God Learner, I'm naturally more interested in Cosmogony than Cosmology.

The snippet provides an excellent model for how the world *is*. Which is of course the only model that HW needs. Which is why I'm posting this response on the Digest, and not the HeroWars list (Hi Jeff!).

What I still don't understand, and which I think is worth discussing, is how Glorantha *changes*. What happens to the local otherworld of a culture that is shifting from animism to sorcery, frinstance ?

Does the relationship between the otherworlds shift only under extraordinary circumstances, when the world is destroyed frinstance ? Or can a culture's magical worldview evolve and shift slowly over time ?

Basically, is the strict division between the otherworlds a transitional state or an unchangeable cosmic truth ?

The existence of mixed entities (such as humans, tilntae, and the other hybrid/defiant entities would suggest the former, right ?

Can only Heroes Change the World, or can Cultures do so as well ?

Julian Lord

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