RE: Heortling City Culture and Uleria

From: Adam Benedict Canning <>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 00:35:50 -0000

> Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 00:41:25 +0000
> From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
> Olli Kantola debating with Peter Metcalfe:
> > Sorry about that. I don't think that the differences between
> > city-dwellers and rural Heortlings in that great. Not as great
> > as DH/Peloria difference. What I do think that
> city-dwellers use the
> > communal magic of Uleria (and the city god as well) to
> make up for
> > the differences between rural Ernalda rites and city conditions.
> What communal magic of Uleria? The only city I know about
> which has any
> form of sovereignty, government or administration derived
> from Uleria is
> Zoria (currently in northern Fronela).
> Uleria doesn't support any society (beyond intercourse).

Gods of Glorantha p 74 the first runespell on her speciality list is Community

Which enables all people who are members of a community with the caster [Community here being a social group about as big as the average heortling clan] to automatically succeed with all communication skill rolls, thus enabling quick and efficient transfers of information and discussion.

The Reproduce spell isn't exactly non useful as a blessing either.

> > People near cities will probably use make use of their fertility
> > blessings as well. It keeps the relations of citizens and
> rural folks
> > healthy(soothes their anger against the horrid demon) and helps to
> > sustain the city.
> Uleria's fertility blessings are easily rivalled by Earth
> Witch shamans,

Are they? RuneQuest implied otherwise, and until we get an HW cult write-up...

> > I think that Boldhomers see themselves as Heortlings. They are
> > city-dwellers and have an Temple of Uleria in their fair city.
> They also have a dragon(ewt) shrine, an entire troll
> quarter with troll
> temples, an aldryami grove, and a duck pond. All very Heortling?
> > I think that other cities have temples or shrines as well. It is
> > a strange thing to say that she isn't important or meaningful to
> > people as a quite big percentage of Sartarites are in her
> "zone of
> > influence". I don't think that a demon of lust would be that
> > important.
> I suppose that Malia has more worshippers in Sartar than
> Uleria. Uleria
> propitiation might be more pleasant, but the outcome is similarly
> disruptive to Heortling culture.

Malia Propitiation is automatically a crime.

The Heorvalds Helm HeroQuest in the Referees book implied Heortlings might have reason to encounter Uleria cultists, even if it disparaged their abilities to do anything to a PC.


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