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Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 18:01:33 -0500

Hi all,

Since it's just about that time of year in my campaign, I'm curious if anyone knows anything about Secret Way Day, the Sacred Time High Holy Day of Issaries. It sounds very action oriented for what I would have expected was the best time to bless markets for luck in the coming year. I suppose I have the same questions about Prophecy Day. What is the character of these ceremonies?

On a related topic, it seems to me that Issaries' holy day rituals might be a bit different from Orlanth's when you think about exclusivity. Since Issaries is the god of markets in Orlanthi culture, I would expect that it is not only possible, but critical for non-Issaries worshippers to enter the markets while the holy day ceremonies are going on. What merchant would want to hold a market where the only people who show up are the most accomplished bargainers you'll ever run across? For a market blessing to work, it seems important for customers to be there.

So, I think there are several things going on in an Issaries Holy Day celebration.

 For the mundane who cross into the Blessed Market (per the feat) they deal with Issaries merchants who have made real efforts to have all their very best merchandise available. And of course, merchants who are "inspired" to arrange great deals.

Issaries initiates experience Isarries' Market in Orlanth's Stead, which for the duration of the ceremony is the One Market of all Issaries worshippers. Initiates and devotees have the chance to make deals with other merchants from all across Glorantha and the God World. Non-Issaries worshippers might be in this market, having come across from another part of Orlanth's stead, or be there as their god, while they are actually only the mundane visitors mentioned above.

Thoughts, anyone?
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