Re: Entruli; Harshax

From: David Dunham <>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 23:46:38 -0800

Peter wrote

> Tradetalk #4 has the Entruli (which it calls Hsunchen although I
> have my doubts about this) being six tribes (Ramali, Heerili,
> Maniri, Weneli, Drorgarites and Vathmai), most of which were
> driven westwards by the Vingkotlings.

It's possible they were hsunchen at that time, but no longer are (just as most Ralians have long since stopped being hsunchen).

Graham wrote

> I'm not so worried about who he is (sometimes he's the Pharoah, sometimes
> he's so far in the future it won't effect my game...) When they made it a
> verb though - "Stop harshaxing your cousin".
> What's that mean? Stop acting like the Pharoah to your cousin?

I wasn't happy to see that either, but you can rationalize it by assuming the verb means something like "lord it over" or "boss around."

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