Great Darkness / Reign of Avanapdur

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I made many mistakes about this Subject of Starlore on these past messages, maybe Stephen Martin High Buseri of Yuthuppa, Master Seer of Kuchawn and Professor of Star Knowledge of Faculty Sog University well know about it.

>God Learners distriction: I know "Time" was made from Cosmic Compromise,
>all Events of Mystical Age, so to speak, simultaneously occured. But some
>culture which prefer writing Timeline Table such as RW Chinese and Greek.
>(Dara Happan and Malkioni, Kralorelan?) IMO they like "magically" arranging
>Mystical Timeline in the form of Worldwide Timeline in Historical Time
>Stream. GLs can use it for gaining power base structure.

I kept a knowledge in mind while I was writing previous message....RW Indians slighted Historical Record because they didn't recognize that importance, because Always Cycle of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva exist in Great World Cycle, always repeat same event in Great Cycle. But RW Ancient Chinese attached great importance to Record of Bloodline for Ancestor Worship, Administraton of Houses and Families.

>Green Age: Starting with Aether ascended from Eastern Horizon
>(See Mythos Basko of Troll Gods & Drastic Resolution: Chaos, Column Three
>Rivals against Yelm Enthronement)

>(Sky Color is White (IMO))

>Golden Age: Green Age Ending with Aether birthed Three Sons, Yelm started
>Golden Age. Enevar killed Antigods with Power of Govmeranen.

>(Sky Color is Yellow (Golden))

>Storm Age: Starting with Orlanth killed Yelm. Oorsu Sara banished
>Govemeranen from Three Worlds. (Herspur (Sekever?) let Black Sun rise?)

>(Sky Color is Blue)

>(During this Age, Malkion wedded with a Triolini, Weatag came from that
>(Orlanth started Lightbringer's Quest shortly after he first met Chaos Army
>of Wakboth from North: King of Sartar & Map of Uz Lore.)

>Great Darkness: Starting with Spike explosion. Last Star Shargash set to
>Western Horizon.
>(Herespur dropped down City Churanpur from Heaven?)
>(War between Vadeli and Brithini, Ice Age)

>(Sky Color is Black)

>Grey (Silver) Age: Starting with I fought We won. Only Old One won. Zzabur
>cast Great Spell to Valind Gracier. Malkion martyred. Unity Battle &
>apologised to Yelm in Underworld.)
>(Mashunasan banished Avanapdur to Dream World?)

>(Sky Color is Grey?(IMO))

>Dawn Age: 0ST, Antirius (or Kargzant?) divided Day and Night, Hrestol
>received Vision of Malkion.
>(Orlanth returned to Middle World. End of LBQ.)

>All IMO.

And that was mistake. In GROY, eventually Division of Sky Colour Day and Night became vivid in 111ST, not Storm Theyalan Calendar 0ST.

>p40: reign Vuranostum111,035-072 (35-72ST) Tomastus, whose songs heard by
Dayzatar and brought him >back to wakefulness. As a result, the stars were more visible to the priests there.

>after Vuranostum died:

>111,111 (111ST) p42: this was signalled the end of Darkness, for the day
and night switched places. >Comment2: Switched places. this confusing statement was interpreted to mean that Antirius and Kargzant >rose at same time, and that Kargzant was eclipsed or (less commonly) renamed, and that later (in111,221) the >true Sun rose in the same manner

>> I think most of Ancient Kralorela was Densed Forest as Ancient China of
>> Middle Valley of Yellow River.

>In the Green Age/Creation Cycle, there were forests over most
>of Glorantha, so that sounds right.

I think parallel about Malkion making Malkonwal on Seshnelan Coast, when he did that, already many Bastard Human Race: Hsunchens lived in Western Land of Genertela. And Malkioni "knew" they are Descendants of Malkion or False Copy of True One's creation after Vadel Error and Appearance of False Gods.

>> (Elephants lived there in the Shang Dynasty.
>> But Empires killed "Aldryami" as Feudal Europians with Great Effort, and
>> Center of China went to Lower Reaches of Yellow River as Middle Area went
>> Desert.
>> Please see Thunder Rebels, P144 Map)

>This is a later age though, so as you say the situation will
>be different by this time.

Difference of Shang Dynasty (BC16?-10C) and Zhou Dynasty (BC9-2C), People of Shang were Lowland Merchants, they believed Human-like Gods and ruled with Theocracy, Orgiastic Worship, Slavocracy and Shamanism. People of Zhou saw it as Decadance of Vice. They had Worship to Simple Being of Heaven and Fate (They called it Tien) And they appreciated some property of Nomadism, Ancestor Worship. And Confucious "knew" most suitable way to living is Zhou Tradition and Ancient Legendary God King s, Yao and Shun, he shunned Tradition of Shang as Decadance.

>> >changed somehow at the Dawn
>> What and when do you think to put occured "Dawn"?
>> I vaguely remember in some Article About "Black Sun Rising" when Herespur
>> and Akorgat reigned Sky World.

>No, this is earlier. Herespur and Akorgat are in the Demigods
>Cycle. The Human Cycle began sometome in the Grey Age, so the Dawn
>is well within the Human Cycle.

I misapplied Words, Storm Age and Great Darkness have more importance in Celestial Lore than Dawn itself.
I described "Golden Age" as Yelm always stopping Middle Air as 375 autumn equinox. And Storm Age and Great Darkness and Gray Age are Night of World because Stars, Blue Sky and Xentha struggled for Sky Realm Domains. If Eastern Ancient World Maluraya started Day and Night as Modern Day, maybe Ancient Vithelan World seems Different Alien World of Other People.

Something was unintentionally changed...In Older Article of Uz Lore, Suam Chow was not appeared in Map of Dawn Age Kralorela, First Appeared in Second Age Map. But in Glorantha ITHW, Suam Chow was appeared in Gods War.....(P183)

>> If Greg Stafford can cut Elmal Sun from Mystical Age Sun of Emperor Yelm,
>> can cut Thalurzni (Husband of Kralorelan Dendara) from Maluraya,
>> (Kralorelan Yelm) from Maluraya, Thella from Theya, etc... Its not Great
>> Problem. Frivolous?

>On the contrary, I don't think Thalurzni and HeenMaroun should
>be mixed up with Maluraya at all. Maluraya is the Vithelan
>sun god, I don't what the Kralorelan counterpart is, it they
>consider the sun a god at all. Second, neither HeenMaroun nor
>Thalurzni has solar connections. I know the god learner scheme
>equates HeenMaroun with Yelm, but that is probably Yelm the
>Emperor, not Yelm the Sun.

Sorry, I miswrote again, HeenMaroun and Maluraya, HeenMaroun and Thalurzni. I attributed Both Nature of Sky (Husband of Halisayan) and Storm (Sword) in Godlearner definition to Thalurzni in my Original Story. I think his Reign Covered most of Great Darkness and Demigod Cycle of Kralorela.

In Orthodox Malkioni Mythology, Five Stage of Creation exist as Godlearnish Element Attributed Elevation. Creation, Manifestation, Identification, Duplication, Destruction. I think there are linked to similar Stages of God Age for each Four Worlds.

>> >According to Vithelan mythology, mortals have been
>> >subject to aging and death since the Creation Cycle,
>> >it is not something externally inflicted. I think this
>> >goes for Kralorela as well, with their emphasis on
>> >continuity.
>> Mortals? Dragons are Immortals. Gods are Immortals, too. Mystics are
>> Immortals, too.

>In a way, yes. What I am getting at is that according
>to Vithelan myth, aging and death have existed from
>the beginning. They are signs of imperfect mastery of
>the three measures, not something which is caused by
>a mythic disaster.

I know Metsyla was appeared in Gloranthan Myth "Last Ruler of Kralorela as "God"."
And Shavaya was appeared as "First Ruler of Kralorela as "Human""

>>> Something makes Division between Mortals and Gods, hence Souls can
>> reincarnate and replace their own bodies.

>Gods are near one end of time, space and consciousness,
>mortals near the other end.

In Lunar and Barbarian Belt maybe so, but in other Realms? If I remember correctly, in Elder Secrets of Glorantha, Dragons have "decline Carve" and Humans have "rise Carve" in Perception to the World.

>> I think Kralorelan Wild Man also
>> can Utuma, and Vithelan Counterpart of Ebe is Iste the Dancer, one of
>> Avanparloth, I guess no specific mythology about him.

>Or Herevens, but I am wary of this parallell as Iste is a
>High God, and Herevens is usually equated with one, while
>Ebe seems very much not a perfect transcendent being.

To Mr. Stephen Martin:
I know Some of Celestial Beings appearing in Book of Drastic Resolution Prax and King of Sartar still unknown in both Elder Secrets of Glorantha and GROY: such as Fire Ark, Heart of Dragon, Hollri and "Spy"?, "Too Large to See".
What are them and seems to be?

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