The Accidental HW GM...

From: Coridan <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 08:49:17 -0000

Due to a fairly surprising response to a post on the HW digest about running a PBEM, I am indeed now going to run a HW PBEM set in 1620 in Sartar and environs.

I plan on using a group at Yahoogroups plus occasional IRC play. Part of the character generation process will be use of the Clan generator at the Issaries site... once my core group of players are gathered, I'll have each player answer one question from the Clan generator so as to generate a totally unique clan.

Those who are interested - please e-mail me at I plan on focussing on local events at first, but I'm going to slowly build up to the events in Sartar Rising! Once that book is published. I want all PC's to be members of the PC Clan and to be culturally Orlanthi. This is my first go at HW GMing, so I want to take it slow and simple at first before ramping up.

I look forward to hearing from all who are interested!

Chris Bell

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #277

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