Black Net transport

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:44:33 +0100

Ian Gordon

>Could anyone tell me where the Pure Horse Warriors,
>who disappeared in the Black Net, actually went? The
>notion that I am operating under is that they
>disappeared and didn't actually die.

Not warriors, but old people and children, the warriors had been spent in the battle of Alavan Argay almost to a man. They went to the Other Side, someplace connected to the Black Net.

As one result, the Grazer tribe was created in Dragon Pass, under the protection of Ironhoof the Centaur.

As a side note:

The Remakers probably would have used humans with great affinity towards horses for their stitching of centaurs. IMO the claim of kinship between the survivors of Alavan Argay and the pain centaurs is quite real, and not just the result of great adoption magic.

BTW, what type of horse breed do the centaur bodies resemble, Seredae or Galana horses?

It isn't sure whether Derek Poljoni discovering the Black Net means that he pulled more survivors of the Pure Horse People .

>What would be required to get them back, if such a
>thing can be done? I assume this would be a heroquest.

IMO one Derek Poljoni performed. If he had a hero cult, this or the Jaldon-slaying feat would be the likely benefit.

>What other obstacles would someone attempting this
>face? As an example of an obstacle, well I assume that
>the Waha tribes wouldn't like it very much.

Derek probably faced Jaldon, but then Jaldon had been his nemesis from childhood on, and he chose that path to lay Jaldon to rest.

IIRC the Black Net was mentioned as one of the troll treasures in discussions about a "Shadows Dance" expansion to Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods. The archives of the Gloranthaboard list (do they still exist?) might have a lead. Anyway, the colour alone suggests a Darkness connection, so darkness obstacles are likely, too.

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