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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:05:03 -0600

Greg said :

>>However, having mashed most arguments that one or the other is >>right, I
>>wonder if the participants can thrn their collaboration to >>something
>>like a list of really cool ways that the mixtures have >>created scenario
>>hooks for a game. >>

To which Keith replied :
>This is a challenge to bring a creative phoenix from the flamewar.

Geez, if that was a flamewar we're all getting soft:-) [adopts grizzled veteran aspect]Laddie, I've been in flamewars and that weren't nae flamewar.

But anyway, good suggestions for ideas. The mix adds dimenisions to my Balazar scenario about the Lunars introducing agriculture [again] to Balazar that I should include if I ever get my Hero Wars version finished. Since Keith's used all the plausible possibilities I'll try some lesss plausible ones :

  1. The citadel dwellers trying to find a horse spirit somewhere so that they can start trying to increase and protect the few horses they have. Do they head north into Pent (not bloody likely) or do they travel south to the Grazelanders or do they try and pull a Balazar off and swipe someone else's? or are they forced into "expensive" misapplied theistic worship?
  2. The Orlanthi at Trilus start making inroads in the area in conversion maybe due to the influence of a charismatic local or foreigner.
  3. Balazar true or false returns and isn't happy about what they've done with his cult and sets about fixing things.

Oliver D. Bernuetz

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