Re: Sorcerous Theism

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:52:02 EST

Jerome Blondel:

<< > You are most likely thinking of the henotheists in Ralios, at least
>some of which do >use a combination of the two types of magic (although
>probably not in the same >individual).

 Even among those Stygians who claim to be Malkioni - i.e. more than it should i guess - some of them don't use sorcery and use theist pagan magic instead? Hrestol!>>

      Some of the henotheist sects use theist magic in addition to sorcery, I believe (though I could be wrong). That is, they have both wizards and theist priests in the same religion, believing that, as the pagan gods were created by the Invisible God, it must be OK to worship them too (or some variant on that theme - there are a lot of different forms of henotheism). The common folk pray to either the Invisible God or to the pagan gods, depending which is more appropriate for what they want at the time. The high ups, however, are either one or the other, given the difficulty of using magics from two radically different world views at the same time.

    Certainly the waertagi do this, so I'm sure at least some Ralian henotheists do as well - although not all of them, by any means. All entirely IMO. Forward the glorious Red Army!


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