Re: Eyzaal the *Entropic* Alchemist

From: Thomas McVey <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 13:57:05 -0800

> Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:41:58 -0800
> From: Wesley Quadros <>
> Subject: Re: Eyzaal the Chaos Alchemist

Chaos alchemist?

No, no, no - *entropy*. Quite different, a perfectly natural force that can be harnessed for the good of mankind, provided it is handled by appropriately trained specialists.

You're been hanging out with superstitious Uroxi too long, or those damn Ernaldans protesting the planting of our Entropically Enhanced maize.

> > >or following the path of your chosen hero/demigod/saint (e.g. Etyzaal the
> > >Alchemist followed Irrippi until he discovered the path of Wisdom Thru
> > >Unspeakable Experiments),
> Eyzaal was never a worshiper of IO. He was a follower of Makaebeus and formed his
> own school to study Entropy.

OK. I was thinking of the following (from the draft):

"The new faith of Irripi Ontor attracted many minds of great vision and clarity. None were more imaginative and unconventional than Eyzaal of Elz-Ast."

"His senior thesis as to the nature of the universe and the effects of entropy on the god plane or the nodal net was so disturbing to his priests that he was cautioned. Ignoring their conservative advice, Eyzaal went on to perform private experiments into integration and the energies resulting from such activity. During this period he met and befriended Makabaeus and several other sorcerers from differing orders."

I took this to mean he was initially was in the IO faith, but then left to follow the sorcerous path.

Anyway, congratulations on providing an excellent vehicle for the "mad scientist" character. The spell "Entropic Reaction" is lots of fun, especially casting it at an enemy's head.

I also liked the following:
"Eyzaal sorcerers are prone to falling prey to various entropic beings or overly successful experiments."

"And here, by modifying the primitive Malkioni formula, and converting its barbaric units of measurement, we have successfully synthesised an entropically enhanced pyrogenic powder...oh, you meant ounces, not pounds? "


Looking forward to descriptions of the other famous saints of Etyzaal - like Ser Nobyl, Ser Vesto, and Flix Boro. :)


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