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Ernalda The Sensual

Joerg Baumgartner:

>If you want a deity for female sexual experimentation, I'd look for a
>not so childish version of Voria. When you look into it closely, flowers
>are a plant's sexual organs, and Voria has them all over...
>The practice of the Demivierge of Rhigos seems to point in this
>direction while laying great importance to the merely physical aspect of

True, but the Demivierge's version of the Voria cult is a *very* atypical, some would say a perverted and obscene parody. I go into this (and a possible reason why) in my latest Jaxarte story "Jaxarte and the Demivierge", which will be published in a forthcoming TotRM. Here's the relevant excerpt, the footnotes are by his biographer Floriat Fedora:

[After leaving the Cradle on the high seas, Jaxarte has sold as a Herd Man by the Vadeli...]

   [6] The Demivierge rules Rhigos as High Priestess and Virgin

       Queen of the Voria cult. A hereditary matriarchy, the 
       queens rule until they choose to bear an heir.  The 
       subsequent Festival of Fecundation is a time of great 
       joy throughout the city, which is garlanded with specially 
       plucked flowers.  A key part of the celebrations are the 
       Onanismic Games, where the queen gets to select her long-
       awaited First Mate. Men flock from all over Porthomeka to 
       prove their virility.  Events such as the Snatch & Jerk and 
       Monkey-Spanking are always crowd pleasers.

   [7] Conservatives say the cult became an obscene parody of itself 
       during the reign of her mother.  Is it a coincidence that this 
       particular queen was the one who made the deals with the 
       Vadeli, and subsequently proceeded to stretch the definition 
       of "virgin" to its current, deplorable bounds? 

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