Re: Cats

Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 15:06:44 EST

Olli Kantola:

<< Are there cats in Heortland/Sartar? Do people keep cats in the countryside
 are shadowcats all they need? >>

     I don't think they're at all common. While the domestic cat is widespread on Glorantha, it is generally replaced by the alynx in Heortling (and possibly other Orlanthi) societies. There's simply no need for both to be domesticated in any given area.

<< Since there are many breeds of shadowcats, maybe some of them are only

     The murni breed of alynx are the ones that fill the role of domestic cats elsewhere, primarily hunting mice and other small rodents. I suspect that murni are found wherever other domesticated alynxes are found, thus replacing the more familiar cat from those areas.

<< But shadowcats seem valuable and normal cats don't. >>

     Yes, its certainly possible that cats are considered a 'poor man's alynx' in Orlanthi areas near to those foreign lands where domestic cats are common. This might be true in Wenelia and Tarsh, for example.


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