Malkioni and Henotheism

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 13:59:41 +1300

Jerome Blondel:

>Sorcery was originally the only magic which allowed full understanding of
>the Creation, because it's based on Logic. But modern Malkioni don't seem to
>care much about Logic anymore.

Well they do. Their God is a philosophical god akin to Plato's Good or Aristotle's Demiurge.

>Even those who don't worship pagan gods
>indulge in alien, subjective concepts like Idealism or Realism and morality,
>which have nothing to do with pure Logic.

Idealism and Realism are not subjective concepts. The Realists contend the corrupt material world impedes one's chances of Solace and so their church encourages rigorous modes of behaviour and lengthy purgation rituals. The Idealists believe that to be close to God, one should act in an Ideal manner. Furthermore Morality is a topic that arises when one decides how to logically live in the world - is it wise to cheat your neighbour?

>What about if an Aeolus was a saintly wizard misapplyingly worshipping
>Orlanth Thunderous and becoming a sorcerous hero of that god?

He's not a hero of Orlanth Thunderous. He's a Saint of God that showed the acceptable way to worship Orlanth.

>If his own
>node was on the sorcerous plane, couldn't he be contacted without misapplied

That is correct and the same applies for the other Bishop Saints. However the nodes of the Divine Saints (Worlath etc) are "False Nodes" (as the God Learners would say) and to worship them is misapplied veneration (although the Aeolians do not see it that way).

>The liturgists could cast blessings similar to Orlanth Thunderous's
>feats. All the proper rites to gain spells from Aeolus's node would be
>written down in a grimoire.

Despite what HW:RiG said, Aeolus and Worlath (Orlanth Thunderous) are different entities. Fuller information on the Aeolians can be found at:

As well as an Aeolian Order to the Storm Bull at:

>What about if a Malkioni worships Saint Quicksilver and reads an inferior
>copy of the dwarf grimoire of Quicksilver (the first Quicksilver Mostali).

Malkioni worship of Quicksilver will not be misapplied.

>Thus, henotheists could
>- - worship sorcerous entities (Saint Quicksilver, Saint Xemela),
>- - misapplyingly worship gods as saints (Saint Garzeen),
>- - sacrifice to gods as saints and get affinities (like in Otkorion)

If they sacrifice to gods, then they are engaging in theism. One thing you left out in your list: worshipping Saints as Gods (like the Flamebringer's Temple in Tarsh).

>Arkat could be somehow between the sorcerous plane and the godsplane.

Arkat was more than that. He also mixed in with trolls who are animists. Plus there's the small matter of illumination which not only lets the cat out of the bag but gives it chaotic features as well.

>But the original, complex combined worship of Arkat was lost long ago,
>and all the different sects are misapplyingly worshipping him, either
>as a saint, hero or combined thing (like Dormal), though each claims
>the contrary.

To worship a fragment of the original arkat cult is not misapplied worship. Arkat could be considered to be a defiant cult (like Storm Bull). Worship of them is normal (whatever that is) but the cultists have great difficulty in grokking the big picture and putting it all together.

>Maybe Irripi Ontor's Read Malkioni Writings feat allows his worshippers
>to misapplyingly get spells from Malkioni grimoires.

No, it doesn't. It simply allows them to understand ordinary Malkioni writings in the same way a related feat is used to understand Lhankor Mhy writings.

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