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From: Peter Nordstrand <>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 14:11:33 +0100 (CET)


> I know that werewolves are Telmori cursed by Gbaji,
> but how can someone become
> one?

I am not sure what you mean by "werewolf". I believe that werewolf, werebear, werelion, weredeer etc, are terms frequently used by non-hsunchen when referring to the different hsunchen tribes of Glorantha. The Telmori Wolf People, Rathori Bear People, Basmoli Lion People, or Damali Deer People, would never call themselves were-anything.

There are basically two kinds of Telmori: The Cursed Ones (who shape-change involuntarily), and the Pure Ones (who never followed Nysalor, and thus were not marked by chaos). Both are wolf Hsunchen, and there is no difference in how you "become" one or the other, in my opinion.

     "Some Hsunchen tribes have adoption rites 
     that allow an outsider to become part of the 
     tribe. The prospective adoptee must be taken 
     to the Other Side to meet and be accepted by 
     the totem, who will grant him his first 
     integrated talent."
               - HW p 216

Being adopted into a tribe is the only way to become a Telmori, IMO.

>Is this a kind of disease?

No. It is a curse.

> Can you become a werewolf if you're wounded by
> a Werewolf?


> Is there other forms of 'lycanthropy' in Glorantha?

If you by lycanthropy mean hsunchen peoples: yes. (See, and HW p 205 & 215-216.) I do not think that any Hsunchen tribe other than the Telmori, are cursed into changing shape involuntarily, though.

> Is Lycanthropy related to Chaos?

Hsunchen are generally not realated to chaos. The Cursed Telmori are, however, tainted by chaos.

/Peter Nordstrand

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