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Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 15:44:11 +1300

Julian Lord:

>No-one knows very much about the Orlanthi of Ralios (East Wilds),

Apart from David Dunham? We do know that they have chariots instead of horses, maintain friendship and links with their kindred Hsunchen (except the Telmori) and have a more sympathetic attitude to dragons than other Orlanthi.

>or those who live among the high valleys of the Western Rockwoods.

I don't think there are any, unless you meant the Orlanthi of Lankst or Brolia. The former are archetypal Alakoring and have a close similarity to Aggar and Talastar. The Brolians are descendants of the Andam Horde and an extremely impoverished material culture.

>These are similar to those Orlanthi that are described in "Dorastor" ;
>although that book is out of date in this respect.

Why is D:LoD out-of-date?

> > There are Harandings who worship Orlanth as a boar. They live west
> > of the Holy Country.

>These are not the only people west of the Holy Country who know of

I never said they were. I described them as an example of a non-Heortling people that Jerome wondered about.

>I doubt that they all worship him "as" a boar ; the more primitive ones
>certainly do.

The boar motif is fairly standard among the Wenelians (Glorantha: Intro p150, Thunder Rebels p54). The more sophisticated Wenelians are Trader Princes rather than Orlanthi.

>Orlanth worship west of the HC is probably best not discussed until ST has
>been released, and the final decisions have been made official.

I don't see what the problem is. Storm Tribe merely details the cults worshipped by 15% of the Heortling population (Heortland and Sartar). It won't say anything much (if at all) about what the Wenelians do today (which has been described in the Glorantha: Intro).

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