From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 12:26:31 +1300

Chris Bell:

>Do you have access to this reference, or to sources concerning the
>Umathelans in general? I'm very curious about them. Where can I go to
>learn more about Umathelan culture? Are they Agimori or Wenerian? Does
>their religion Orlanthi Lightbringer/Storm worship with Pamaltelan beliefs?

The best description about Umathela can be found in Missing Lands. A summary is in the Glorantha: Intro p235-236. They are fairly primitive, having been forced to live in harmony with the elves for so long. Most of them are Orlanthi but a significant Malkioni population is scattered among them, living mainly in the cities and the coasts. They are of Wareran stock although the Malkioni are generally darker in hue.

The only Pamaltelan influence is the Ompalam Pantheon from nearby Fonrit as the Yranian Leapers and the Afadjanni have all pursued wars of conquest in Umathela. There is also some Vadeli influence, most notably at the port of Garanz.

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