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From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 12:15:44 +0100

Whoops, sorry if I offended anyone ; not intentional. :-(

David :

> >No-one knows very much about the Orlanthi of Ralios (East Wilds),
> I and several others know a great deal about them, though admittedly
> it may now be out of date.

Should have written :

"There is very little official information on the East Wilds Orlanthi, and whatever information there is is subject to change."

Sorry for not saying that the first time round.

Joerg :

> >Orlanth worship west of the HC is probably best not discussed until ST
> >has been released, and the final decisions have been made official.
> ST will be Kerofinelan again.

I know ; but some of the cults in ST will provide starting information on the Orlanthi as a whole ; basically, those cults which have other origins than the Kerofinelan ones.

Peter :

> >or those who live among the high valleys of the Western Rockwoods.
> I don't think there are any,

At the very least, there are the people of Lyran Mountain, who follow Voriof : although I've no idea whether they should be thought of as an ancient clan or as a tribe or sub-tribe.

There have to be others, IMO.

> >These are similar to those Orlanthi that are described in "Dorastor" ;
> >although that book is out of date in this respect.
> Why is D:LoD out-of-date?

Because the specifics of the Heortling, Alakoring, Dureving, Helering (etc.) Tribes hadn't been defined when it was written ; apart from that, it's fine.

> > > There are Harandings who worship Orlanth as a boar. They live west
> > > of the Holy Country.
> >These are not the only people west of the Holy Country who know of
> >Orlanth.
> I never said they were.

I know.

> I described them as an example of a
> non-Heortling people that Jerome wondered about.

I wasn't correcting you : just making that specific detail clearer for Jerome, who isn't a native English speaker.

> The boar motif is fairly standard among the Wenelians (Glorantha:
> Intro p150, Thunder Rebels p54). The more sophisticated Wenelians
> are Trader Princes rather than Orlanthi.

Not all of them. For instance, some of the Solanthi clans are quite sophisticated "Orlanthi" peoples.

> >Orlanth worship west of the HC is probably best not discussed until ST has
> >been released, and the final decisions have been made official.
> I don't see what the problem is.

The problem is that the information is still in a state of flux, and we shouldn't really try to build castles on any swamps.

Umathelans :

David :

> I believe the Umathelans
> are only nominally Orlanthi, worshipping their own set of nine
> Lightbringers (Sandy posted on this years ago).

I think that this idea of Sandy's has been rejected, even though it was a very clever one.

Greg has his own plans for the Umathelans, I believe.

Yes, they are probably Harandings, or similar.

Olli :

> IMO the Godlearners made sure that they had a very monomythic
> worldview/mythology - more monomythic than the Heortlings.

I don't think so : I think that the GLs must have failed with them, because while they are more tolerant to foreign religious ideas than the Heortlings are, it is because their core religious beliefs (essentially the same as the Heortlings') are more flexible and therefore quite resistant to foreign influence.

> They also
> identified several local godlings with the monomythic equivalents, thereby
> gaining power over the locals.

Maybe the GLs did : but I doubt that the Umathelans would have done so : more likely they just accepted the locals' beliefs as they were, or smashed 'em in the face if this proved impractical in specific cases.

I think that the GL experiment in Umathela failed, because the Harandings are notoriously good at adapting themselves to local conditions (viz. their relations with the Trader Princes of Wenelia, or with the Heortlings for that matter) : they probably joined the local culture instead of coming to dominate it : which is a crafty way of holding on to power, of course.

Probably why Harrek will be successful with them too.

They would be the *ideal* Lunarized Orlanthi, except for the small detail of their irreductible hatred of Chaos in all its forms.

Julian Lord

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