Re: Tusk riders

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 23:59:26 +0000

Peter Metcalfe

>>JL>But the Storm Boar *iconography* would certainly be >> >widespread, even reaching into Esrolia.

>>Sure, and why not? The pre-EWF Aramites were of the same culture.

> I thought the Aramites were descended from Heortlings rather
> than Wenelians? They don't worship the Storm Boar but rather
> Gouger the God Pig, the founder Aram-Ya-udram and a Darkness
> Demon.

The information on Dawn Age humans I have seen shows them as non-Heortling. Probably even non-Vingkotling, though that is less clear.

They worshipped the God Pig as son of the earth mother. Now Orlanth can be worshipped as son of the earth mother, or at least mountain mother who conveys earth sovereignty. How many hunter gatherer cultures worshipping swine, an earth mother who manifests as swine, and a nobility which rides on tuskers would you expect in a comparatively small area?

We know that the Vingkotlings allowed other peoples to settle between their tribal lands. Pelaskites, Black Eel River folk and Harandings, and probably other Dureving descendants as well.

Alternatively, the Aramites and the Wenelian Orlanthi both were influenced by the wife cults of an older (Golden Age) Earth People that had close ties to swine. Contemporaries of the On Jorri people which became ancestors of the Vingkotlings.

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