From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 01:26:53 +0100

Peter Metcalfe :

> There isn't too much difference between the Alakorings and the
> Heortlings

Well there's *some* : but this is quibbling now.

> while the Durevings and the Helerings exist only in
> myth.

The Durevings certainly, but there are still some "Helering" clans AFAIK ; almost certainly not in Kerofinela though (unless you count the semi-hypothetic Voriof peoples).

> If you are inferring this from the example of Greymane and his
> ilk then a) Greymane sees Orlanth as a lion (his famous victory
> over the Holy Country is known as the Lion King's Feast) and

Yes ; the Solanthi are fun.

> b)
> until recently, the Solanthi were dominated by the Trader Prince

Not quite true IMO ; the coastal Solanthi certainly were (and still are). But the northern ones (who are quite primitive) are more involved with the Arstola elves (frinstance, they have some of their settlements actually within the Arstola forest), while the more central clans managed to hold on to a certain precarious independance (sandwiched as they were between several difficult customers).

Basically because they were too strong to completely vanquish ; well, up until the Hero Wars really start in earnest, anyway.

> and much of their sophistication is due to the Trader Princes
> rather than their being "sophisticated Orlanthi" as such.

Some more of it comes from their relationship with the elves : their "sophistication" is certainly relative, but they are more sophisticated than the Ditali, and any other Wenelian group for that matter.

> This
> is being gradually junked IMO as the Trader Princes are leaving
> in droves (since the Opening, the Old Wenelian Road has had it)
> and the barely-repressed boarishness of the Wenelians starts to
> show through.

Indeed ! It's a great place for a game. :-)

The lands west of the Voilor/Solanthi valley are even messier !

David Dunham :

> The Umathelans [snip] -- remember they were convinced to
> worship Jorampur, an "imaginary deity."

Yes : another great place for a campaign. :-)

Basically good ideas from Jerome Blondel BTW.

Julian Lord

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