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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 02:57:28 EST

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<< The Umathelans were cut off from their traditional sacred sites, and  probably even had to switch to a different species of pig (which  could survive in the different ecosystem). That they could survive  this does speak well for their flexibility, but that very flexibility  could be turned against them -- remember they were convinced to  worship Jorampur, an "imaginary deity." >>

This immediately made me think that Jogrampur must be a deity that might be able to either take the Umathelans back to their roots (Slontos hadn't sunk when it happened) or would be able to bring their favourite animal to their current home. This implies pigs, speciafically pigs that coudl cross the oceans, probably by flying. Jogrampur as the imaginary deity of flying pigs makes a lot of sense ot me. Probably a result of some arrogant Godlearner hearing the old saying " pigs might fly" and thinking "well, I am so powerful I will MAKE it happen" the result being Jogrampur.

I note that Umathela was immensely wealthy in the second age - coudl flying pigs be the cause?

Keith Nellist

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