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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 13:46:06 +1300

David Cake:

>Me>I understand they replaced the Trolls on the World Council after
> >the latter left the God Project that created Nysalor.

> I don't think so, I think they withdrew along with the
>Trolls. Though I'd be interested to know the source of this - if its
>Greg, I'll have to rethink the early history of the Kitori.

[on the breakup of the broken council]

         The first to go were the trolls.  They disappeared like
         shadows before the Sun, but this is what they have always
         done, and the leaders were ready for it.  After they left
         there was a whole tribe of humans in their place who
         worshipped the Darkness, and who ate raw meat and did other
         disgusting things to prove they were troll-worthy.
                         Lords of Terror p16

There's only two known peoples that fit the description and Greg has said the Arimites didn't replace the trolls.

>I can't imagine them (or the OOO) being any more keen on creating a
>god of Light than the Uz were.

The aim of the God Project was not to create a God of Light nor did the Uz withdraw because of that reason.

> Possibly they stayed in the project, but left after the Curse
>of Kin? Or were betrayed at some other point?

The Curse of kin wouldn't have affected them.

> At the time of the Second Council I still had them dwelling
>on the Shadow Plateau, and close allies of the OOO, so I figured they
>were on his side.

That's what the Broken Council Guidebook says. But Shannon's history adds some complications:

If the tribe had been dwelling on the Shadow Plateau then as the BCG says, then it shouldn't have been exterminated. Yes, Voronal Zor, the Head-honcho, is described as fighting on the troll side but the rest of the Kitori is not mentioned and he is not invoked when the tribe is refounded. So something funny is going on.

>The queens lovers are important because the Kitori do not
>practice miscegenation, so the marriage of the kings and queens is

My view was that the Kings are the Queen's Lovers. I don't think for a barbarous tribe such as the Kitori that they would be satisfied with "symbolic" marriages. Methinks they doth protest too much when they claim not to practice miscegenation.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #301

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