From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 15:36:32 +1300

Joerg Baumgartner:

> >There's only two known peoples that fit the description and Greg
> >has said the Arimites didn't replace the trolls.

>What about the Spolites?

An Imperial Age religion that arose out of hostility to Nysalor? Too late in any event and besides their sacrifices use fire which is untrollish.

>Or what's the deal about Ebon City?

A shrine to Bijiif?

>However, the re-founder, who claims descent from Varonal Zor (thereby
>from Varzor Kitor as well) manages to gather the remnants of the Kitori
>humans and reform them into a tribe.

According to my edition of Tradetalk, it simply says "A human who claimed descent from Varzor Kitor made alliance with an Uz Queen" (Tradetalk #5 p6).

> >If the tribe had been dwelling on the Shadow Plateau then
> >as the BCG says, then it shouldn't have been exterminated.

>Total extermination didn't occur, but for a while the Kitori bore the
>brunt of the fight against Palangio, and this would have killed all
>their leaders and practically all of their fighters.

No mention of this is in Shannon's article. Even if they bore the brunt, they still had a secure base in the Shadow Plateau and so wouldn't have been dispersed as they still had their women and queens.

> >My view was that the Kings are the Queen's Lovers.

>Since troll females rely on the number of healthy offspring for status, I
>find it unlikely that a queen should choose a puny human as father of her

The Uz generally don't consider the men play much part in determining what the kid is going to be like. "Father's blood is weak" or something like that...

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