From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 09:29:52 -0800

Chris Bell :

>> >>Interesting. Did the Dara Happans and Aldryami hijack the project
>> >>after the others left, and make Nysalor a god of Light when he wasn't
>> >>one before?
>> Yes.
>This implies to me that the God Project was simply turned into an attempt to
>bring back the timeless stasis of the golden age, and for Yelm to throw off
>the shackles of the Compromise, and return to his former glory and power.
>This attempt continues in his latest avatar, Sedenya.
>Beware Yelm the Deciever, Yelm the Gbaji!

Not so fast. When the slain Yelm first arrived in hell he was found by three spirits. Each identified him according to their nature, but the one now identified as Xiola Umbar called his power 'friendship from afar'.

The trolls and dragonewts weakened the project when they withdrew and the remaining participants had to replace the lost contributions from their own resources. Nysalor did not have to be a foe to the trolls, they made it so by their own actions.

Also, Sedenya is no more Yelm than Dovilda is Orlanth.

Yelm is the perfect ruler; archetypal Justice without flaw. This is the truth an cannot be denied. Yet the world is imperfect, flawed and contains injustice. Thus it is obvious that Yelm is not fully manifest in the world in all His glory. Nysalor was born into the world and so partakes of it's nature.

Simon Hibbs

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