From: David Cake <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 22:10:50 +0800

Andrew Larsen wrote:
> 1) what might the mythic effect of kinslaying be? I've got a few ideas,
>but I want to see if anyone has any neat ideas.

        Chaos, chaos, chaos.

> 2) Are there any quests that might be used to atone for kinslaying? I
>have this nagging idea that there is, but I can't think of one.

        Not really. You might be able to, say, heroquest to prove that the dead person was not really your kin. Kin severing rituals exist, if you could work out someway for them to be retrospective, you would be fine, and even if you can't they might help a bit.

        But more than likely all you can really do without drastic changes in status is to make some reparations, deal with the immediate consequences, and hope - but its likely it will always be a wound that can be reopened by some means. Even if he deals with his kin, settles all claims of vengeance, and deals with any chaotic manifestations, it still might manifest itself in how otherworld entities deal with the character.

        Kinslaying is a terrible thing. Accidental kinslaying is the sort of thing that Orlanthi great tragedies are made, the sort of thing that is a trouble for a hero ever after, and perhaps destroys his clan unless he does great things (either great acts, or great scacrifices) to deal with it.



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