Moral Hazards, Ship in the Sky

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 19:41:24 -0000

Peter Larsen replying to Chris Bell:
>>This proves to me the universality of Chaos. The I Fought We Won proves
>>that a *choice* must be made to exist, in the face of all so called
>>rationality... Chaos will use whatever trick is necessary to annihiliate
>>individual identity. Chaos attacks on all levels, either as gods, with
>>physical or magical violence, or or as philosophical concepts, such as
>>Illumination wisdom. All these roads lead down into the maw of Kajabor
>>and Wakboth.
> The Godlearners weren't chaos, though. I don't think the end result of
>this is chaos (although, as we see with Nylasor, it's an option).

Yes, the way-in for chaos is probably specific of Illumination. Yet the Godlearners have at least one similar case when chaos was created en masse: in Slontos, when the land goddess went mad, just before she turned upside down. The nature was no longer able to behave properly and weird creatures began to appear everywhere, eventually leading to chaos. Probably the goddess couldn't bear that, because she turned upside down and sank.

Also, maybe it's their fault too that chaos reappeared in blasted Dorastor.

Argrath introduced the secret of writing among the non-Lhankor Mhy. Could it be that it later caused the Illiteracy Period for the same reasons that the Minarian Memory Suppress caused the EWF to forget dragon language (an abuse of dragon magic)?

Greg Stafford:
>Shiprise occurs in 1624. In Sartar Burning, the Dragons Return (the 2nd
>book of the Dragon Pass Hero Wars scenarios) your characters get a chance
>to be on it. But after it reappears the Closing disappears. However, it
>takes several years for people to actually figure it out. No one
>voluntarily goes to sea without Dormal's blessing, and hence discovering
>it's not necessary is accidental at first.

Thanks for this explanation. I'd just have a question:

>But after it reappears the Closing disappears.

Was the first appearance before 1624 or does Sartar Burning describe events way after that date, related to its second appearance?


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