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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 16:50:45 -0500

>I think [Elves and Trolls] do [suffer Alien World penalty in the God
>World] _if_ they are attuned to the animist path.

>Fair point. Greg said that they worship using spiritual practices.

>Except for the few that use theistic practices]
>(wild guess: Ernalda, Babeester, Yelorna)...

He said nothing about theistic practices. Greg said, "Most trees are just trees. In an elf forest many more trees are alive, with their own spirits. Others are alive with their own gods. The elf religions allows them to participate in spiritual practice with both types without any penalty." I read "spiritual practice" to be a reference to an animist tradition, since that is what my question was about.

If you are talking about rootless or renegade elves, I'm with you, but not if you are talking about normal elves.

Also, why do you think they worship Ernalda and Yelorna? I can see Orlanthi identifying Gata as Ernalda, but I don't know of any recent sources indicating a connection with Yelorna. RQ Companion says unicorns lived on the high slope of the Spike during Godtime, so there is a basis for believing that they lived in the same areas for some period of time.

>I think Aldrya lives in this world and that the Aldryami otherworld
>is the world of the Taker. Things that live here appear dead there
>and vice versa.

Yes, except that their positions switch partway through the year. The spirits of the dryads, brown elves, runners, and pixies follow hers to the Underworld. The green and yellow defend their lifeless Forests. When she and the Taker switch places again, the green and yellow elves dance her Awakening Dance through their Forests. The Awakening Dance is the basis of the heroquest that Aldryami can perform to awaken plants' spirits (e.g. to form a great tree, a dryad, or a runner).

Chris Lemens

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