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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 11:59:59 -0600

Julian Lord says:

>But this doesn't mean that the Invisible God is measurable and knowable as
>according to every Western sect, nor that all Westerners conceive Him as
"all that
>is knowable", nor that He is in fact the Center of Creation (He isn't).

        No, I wouldn't think so. Zzabur is a special case (I'm assuming). Besides, most of the "continental sects" don't seem to think highly of Zzabur. As to the IG being the "center of creation," I just wanted a geometrical analogy. Do you have a better one? The circle whose circumfrence is everywhere and whose center is nowhere seems evocative.

>That would depend entirely on the tenets of your Faith.

        Are there Gloranthan sects (i.e. not sorcerors) which consider the IG essentially knowable? I though the point of Solace and Joy is that they were progressive approaches to the (unreachable for most, if not all) IG.

Peter Metcalfe says to

>>So the EWF wasn't just destroyed and "erased," but it actually became
>>impossible for people to follow its paths and use its magics?
>Firstly, it is still possible to be a draconist (ask any Kralori). I
>merely answered the question for Orlanth Dragonfriend. This was only
>one of many EWF cults that are now no longer worshipped.

        Hmmm. I thought that there was some essential difference between the EWF and Kralori "draconism," with the EWF being a sort of draconic misapplied worship. Or worship that went horribly wrong in some fundamental way, at any rate. Thanks for the rest of the details.

Peter Larsen

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