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From: Olli Kantola <nysalor_at_lyyra.kempele.fi>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 17:57:49 +0200 (EET)

Peter Larsen said:

>So the EWF wasn't just destroyed and "erased," but it actually became
>impossible for people to follow its paths and use its magics? Would it be
>possible for humans to learn Auld Wyrmish in 1625 or has that ability
>gone out of the world (barring, of couse, some heroquest or other)?

Yes, it is possible, but learning it would be a mighty quest indeed! You would have to learn it from somewhere. The GL (or the proto-EWF guys) stole it from the Night Dragon Society, which doesn't exist anymore AFAIK. You would have to devise away to learn Auld Wyrmish and find a source to study it. Even if you learned it, you would still need to come up with a way to connect yourself to dragonic mysteries, the language itself isn't going to give you magical abilities.

IMHO Auld Wyrmish is an easy way in. Just speaking it and listening to it twist your mind in mysterious and dragonic ways. That was the problem with the EWF btw. Their way of being dragonic (theistic aproach (and possibly sorcerous with some sects) as opposed to the mystic aproach practiced by the Kralorelans or the animistic one that the Horned Half-beasts have) let them do dragonic things and use dragonic powers even if they had stopped truly being dragonic within.

SO, if I was to get me some major dragonic mumbo jumbo, I'd:

  1. Study with other dragonic sages. Spend time with the EWF dropout in Tink, etc.
  2. Visit Kralorela. There I would learn something about being a dragon and maybe some mysticism too. Maybe integrating a couple of dragonic spirits with the animist would also be cool if it I could do it. Martial arts, maybe... (Very MGF you know, them martial arts)
  3. Collect EWF artifacts.
  4. Do a major ritual to resurrect some part of EWF.
  5. Go surprice the 'newts with it!

That was incase someone needs to do it in their campaigns. Honestly I couldn't help myself ;) ,'cos my own campaign could go there if the players and circumstances allow it.

BTW, Orlanth can't forget anything. He still is "Dragonfriend" in some marginal way. But that aspect is unavailable because no-one knows anymore how to worship him and what were the crucial parts of his being (his dragonic secrets that the 'newts wiped away from the minds of his worshippers).

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