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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 19:37:19 -0000

> Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:18:17 +0000
> From: Kevin Blackburn <>
> Subject: Re: Orlanthi and mysticism
> In article , Peter Metcalfe <> writes
> >Peter Larsen:
> >
> >> > There are no practitioners of [Orlanth Dragonfriend] and AFAIK
> >> > worship of it is impossible since Alakoring freed Orlanth from
> >> > Arangorf.
> >
> >>So the EWF wasn't just destroyed and "erased," but it actually became
> >>impossible for people to follow its paths and use its magics?
> >
> >Firstly, it is still possible to be a draconist (ask any Kralori). I
> >merely answered the question for Orlanth Dragonfriend. This was only
> >one of many EWF cults that are now no longer worshipped.
> I've assumed in my game (YGMV alot!) that Argrath must be using some
> combination of Orlanthi and Draconic magics in things like the Brown
> Dragon rising in 1625. These magics seem best labelled Orlanth
> Dragonfriend. I've assumed that the potential exists for some of these
> magics to be rediscovered by my "heroes". One of them has a long history
> with the Dragonewts, and has one as a patron. Am I a hopeless heretic?
> (The character is assumed to be such within the game by all who know
> them).

Here's a thought...


In being their enemy, Orlanth is acting as the Dragon's greatest friend.

Think about the Utuma myths. Did not Orlanth assist Shakarazeel and Aroka in attaining the liberation of Utuma? Was not facing such a mighty god as them suicide? In defeating Shakarazeel and making it a part of him (Orlanth's Ring, the 7 Orange Stars), Orlanth is simultaneously their best ally and destroyer. Material existance is most often a hindrance for Dragons and Dragonewts, and the King Storm has at various points liberated them to attain ultimate liberation. At times, worshippers of Orlanth who were not ready have discovered this secret Dragon wisdom of Orlanth (IE - The EWF), but King Storm has taken away this knowledge from those who have abused it, fixing what mistakes he has made in his own inimitable fashion (IE - Arangorf vs Alakoring.) The many defeats at the hands of the Red Moon were obviosly forseen and *planned*... Orlanth granted Sedenya that which she needed most upon her Utuma - cosmic liberation, as Orlanth himself experienced in the Lightbringer's quest. Old King Storm is far craftier and wiser than he may seem.

Orlanth liberated and released, through Argrath, Sedenya's Inner, Invisble Dragon, and thus Liberated her, cleansing her of the falseness of Chaos and duality.

I Fought, She Won!

Chris Bell
The Hero Wars Are Now!

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