More Wenelians

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 15:36:48 +1200

Joerg Baumgartner:

> >And I don't consider the name Bastis to be lion-derived.

>Well, any idea what it would resemble instead?

I don't see the need for Bastis to resemble anything. I am quite happy with it being the name of the local trader prince family and nothing more.

>We know that some time in the Golden Age the Basmoli passed through on
>their trek from Seshnela into Prax, where Tada killed their great

They came from Pamaltela, not Seshnela. There is nothing to say that the Praxian Basmoli came from Seshnela and for all we know the reverse is much more likely considering the route of the Loper People and the Praxian Agimori.

>Apart from that, we have the Pendali migration into the Basim
>region some 100 years after the Dawn.

Why couldn't have there been a pre-existing population of Basmoli there?

> > One would be much better using a connection with Yinkin-relation
> > rather than Basmol IMO.

>The Yinkin relation is not much better - Yinkin is special as a son
>of an animist "deity" (Fralar) and a theist deity (Kero Fin).

Oopsie. Durbaddath then as he is a theistic deity and he does have a mythic history of rebellion against the Dara Happans (AR p86). Greymane's people would then be a remnant of some lion regiment (TR p130) stuck in the wop-wops (very much like the Galatian Celts) during some ancient conflict (Arkat's War, EWF expedition etc).

>The Mraloti of Ramalia span the worlds between animist hunter
>gatherers and theist farmers,

There are no theistic Mraloti. They either maintain a lifestyle as animistic farmers or they forget this and worship Malkion.

>and the East Ralian Hsunchen

There are no theistic hsunchen in East Ralios. They are either animists or Orlanthi. There is no in-between position and no theistic worship of the hsunchen totems.

>as well as the originally
>Hsunchen Galanini (Enerali) show that a switch is possible.

It's not the switch that's being argued against, it's your contention that Greymane's clan theistically worships Basmol and that the Wenelians are theistic worshippers of Mralot.

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