Uleria again

From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_mail.utexas.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:42:11 -0800

Olli Kantola says to Peter Metcalfe:

>>It is fair to say that in Heortling society Ernalda handles all
>>things concerned with matchmaking, community and fertility, but
>>would it be very Heortling if this would be a Yelmic all?

        Ernalda handles the Heortling All that get married -- surely 10-15% of the Heortling population never get married (bad luck, geases, Humakt worship, exclusive homoaffectionalism (there's a mouthful), whatever). Some temporary relations are probably blessed by other subcults -- Niskis might be called upon to seal a Year-Marriage, I suppose (although that seems long term and official for Him). I can't imagine a culture needing multiple marriage gods.

Peter Larsen

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