Re: More Wenelians

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 16:00:39 EST


<< >>The Mraloti of Ramalia span the worlds between animist hunter  >>gatherers and theist farmers,  

> There are no theistic Mraloti. They either maintain a lifestyle
> as animistic farmers or they forget this and worship Malkion.

 Broken Council Guidebook speaks of ten tribes of Harandings and Drorgalarings, Shannon's History of the Kingdom of Night speaks of Esrolian Entruli. Maniria and Slontos are dealt with as a fairly homogeneously, and no mention of Mraloti Hsunchen. >>

     I'm not sure quite what point you're making here. The existence of Mraloti hsunchen is canonical (see e.g. the hsunchen article on the Issaries website), as is the existence of Malkioni worshipping Mraloti. Technically, this doesn't rule out the existence of theist Mraloti, too, but I agree with Peter that there's no reason to postulate such.

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