Re: Praxian Agimori

From: James A. Holden <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:34:28 -0700

Chris asks if all Agimori in Glorantha are supposed to be as tall as the Praxian ones.

Sandy indirectly addressed this in a GD V3 message (dated Thursday, July 11, 1996). In brief, he confirmed that several tribes of Men-and-a-Half exist in Pamaltela, but he distinguishes them from Doraddi, saying they are a different people although they share many cultural traits. Their numbers are minute compared to the overall human population of mid-Pamaltela. These Men-and-a-Half tribes traditionally resist intermarriage with non-Men-and-a-Half, so as to keep their bloodlines strong.

I'm not aware that this has been contradicted by more recent information.
>From this, at least, it appears that most Agimori are of unremarkable
height, with the various small tribes of Men-and-a-Half surpassing their peers.


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