RE: Underworld

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:07:48 -0000

Chris Lemens :

> Subject: Underworld
> Nils:
> "It may be that Underworld is actually a rather wide
> designation which covers everything that is very
> primal and/or undifferentiated. If you go to the
> Green Age you actually end up in this place regardless
> of whether you started in a theist, animist or sorcerous
> ceremony. . . . Could be that there is no Green Age in
> the Gods World, Spirit World etc. Since humans don't
> have this composite understanding the elder races do,
> it is much harder and more dangerous for humans to go
> to the Green Age."
> I like this. The Spirit World really does not have the Ages,
> as far as I
> know. Particular locales can have a very Green Age feel,
> though, like the
> Garden within the Praxian Waha Tradition. Greg said nothing
> to me that
> would necessarily contradict your idea. It is a wee bit
> heretical, though,
> that the Green Age is not somehow "in" the God World.

Past ages are part of history, in the same way that dead people are part of history. Hence they are in the underworld. I'm sure this has come up before a long while ago.

Simon Hibbs

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