Re: Praxian Agimori

From: markmohrfield <>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 17:07:58 -0500

Here is the reply Sandy Petersen made to my question five years ago(god, has it really been that long?)

>>The Men-and-a-Half also exist in Pamaltela. They are a separate people from the other
Agimori there, and technically I suppose are not Doraddi, but share much of the same culture. Actually, there are several Men-and-a-Half tribes. Probably fewer than 1% of the Savannah humans are Men-and-a-Half.Men-and-a-Half tribes often try to enforce strict sex rules, to keep from diluting their qualities by outbreeding with ordinary Agimori. Because they also don't like incest (Doraddi incest rules are extremely complex, more so than any other major culture in Glorantha), this means that they pretty much have to find another Men-and-a-Half tribe to marry. So on the rare occasions these tribes meet, they stay together for a long time, and have extensive group weddings based on very little acquaintance. The festive and orgiastic nature of Men-and-a-Half conclaves is proverbial among the Doraddi.Sandy>   

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