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From: Olli Kantola <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 14:19:19 +0300 (EEST)

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Peter Metcalfe wrote:

> The only strangeness comes from your distorted understanding of
> what other people actually said.

That is a very strong argument since at the time that I wrote my last msg I was sick, but some of my quirky arguments still have a point.

> There is a big difference between "Uleria is worshipped in the
> City" and "All City Folk are wicked because they worship Uleria".
> Take a parallel example: if Kyger Litor was worshipped in Bold
> - -home, would you infer that all inhabitants of Boldhome are
> demon-worshipping Kyger Litor worshippers?

No, but all Torkani (if my memory serves me correctly, they are the Darkness worshipping tribe or clan) must be! If darkness gods are actively pereived as evil (as opposed to passively just thinking in the back of your head that they are naughty and wrong), as demons usually are, then they must be attacked from time to time by their neighbours because of that. And IMO that happens quite often. Kyger Litor is worshipper by trolls in Boldhome. If 5% of city folk worships her at regular intervals, then she propably is accepted by a quite large portion of citizens. Kyger Litor worship is not acceptable for regular(human) Boldhomers, but the trolls can do it, 'coz they are strangers anyway.

> Do farmers, where you live, stage crusades into the city to cleanse
> out the corruption there? No. The same applies for Sartar and the
> City.

Well, yes, sometimes, but that's not the point. Mainly it's the religious folk trying save people from satan. I'm sure that there are those in Glorantha too. Modern finns differ from ancient/medival finns and even they were quite passive, unlike the heroic Heortlings that are likely to do heroic stuff, simply because it's glorious. Those religius folks often have sharp pointy sticks that my countrymen don't.

> work quite fine in the city. So why would the Orlanthi need to
> make a change from the Ernalda that they know to the whore
> Uleria?

IMO it's no like they are abandoning Ernalda, but supplementing her worship with other goddesses.

> >Why this is nearly the rest (of Orlanthi all)!!!
> No, it is not. 5% of 10% is 0.5% of all Orlanthi in Sartar and
> nowhere as large as 15%.

5% of 10% is 5% of the 100% of those who live in the cities. 33% of the 15% that is "the rest" in the cities.

> No, she didn't. She only had one generic fertility spell.

But it was was suitable for almost anything that fertility magic could be used for. After all, improvising wasn't common in the days of RQ.

> So why is Uleria's High Holy Night in Disorder Week and not Fertility
> Week?

A good point. I guess that she must be tainted with disorder...

> play no part in summoning Heortling wyters. Furthermore, take
> note of the word "essence": it's referring to a Tilntae in a
> _sorcerous_ manifestation. Seems very odd for a Heortling
> community.

I am not suggesting that theistic priestesses of Uleria use sorcery. When I said that priestesses of Uleria have powers like Tilntae I am suggesting that they have similar theistic powers.

> Being possessed by an otherworldly entity _is_ demonic possession
> in the eyes of Heortlings and most people. The way to avoid this
> fate is to marry off your kids as fast as possible...

Using magic to make/engourage people fall in love is not possession. I didn't say that the Priestesses are Tilntae, but that they have similar powers.

I guess that many sagas have been about love. Forbidden or not. IMO our natives can understand that there are love can be lust or in some acceptable form. And IMO they aren't that dualistic that they would equate Uleria with the former and Ernalda with the last. I think that there are myths where Uleria has her fingers or other parts involved in the former and myths that have her deal with the latter. Your average clan may not know all of these, but these kind of stories tend to interrest people.

> >bring new life to the world." Here the orgies or other ceremonies can help
> >those who don't worship Ernalda(or even Ernaldans... Hey extra help is
> >always appreciated).
> So some godling has just screwed a Heortling's missus and gotten
> her pregnant. Just what his reputation needs - a real kick to

Rituals that enchance fertility, not replace it. You know, participate in their rituals to catch some of that famous fertility of theirs. And you do it together ofcource. Hmm. I'm not sure that concervative Heortlings would even cosider doing this, but city folk aren't that concervative.

> It would be even less Heortling if Ernalda had to share this
> role with a known demon.

That is true, but even if all Heortlings know her as as a demon you have to consider this. Zorak Zoran is a known demon, and some clans worship even him!

Olli Kantola

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