Re: Drogarsi and Orlanth questions of status

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:28:20 +0100 (BST)

Greetings one and all...

I am playing a skald in an RQ game, though a Drogarsi rather than a Donandar. As he is an Orlanthi he also worships Orlanth. This is presenting me with some interesting problems of visualisation.

Firstly, what position do normal bards hold in society? Is it as a non-combatant (in many cultures the bard's person was sancrosanct)? As far as I remember warriors can't touch them in many places, even Kyger Litor exercises restraint here.

Secondly, as Drogarsi is the wardancer what relative position would he hold? He appears to be both bard and warrior, given that his place is on the battlefield. I am having difficulty deciding whether he could be challenged or not.

Thirdly, he worships Orlanth, in the same way that an initiate of Matakos usually also worships Orlanth. If a skald of Drogarsi becomes a windlord, then what happens?

At present I envisage this kind of dilemma...

"You can't challenge me I'm a skald. Oh wait a minute you can challenge me as I'm a windlord. However if you touch me you break the 'ban' on assaulting a skald. Why not give up now as you can't win."

I may be completely off base as far as this is concerned but I hope someone out there can put my mind to rest.


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