Argrath and Dragons

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 22:35:29 +1200

Kevin Blackburn:

>Me>Dragon magic is outside the normal magic rules of HW (c.f. the
> >description of Dragon Magic in Anaxial's Record p156) and thus
> >arguments based on those rules (i.e. invoking misapplied worship)
> >do not apply.

>Well, yes. But Argrath has presumably got to be doing something that
>isn't irritating Orlanth.

Who knows? He ends up killing the gods so his devotion to Orlanth is somewhat suspect...

> >But Argrath wasn't at the Dragonrise ('twas Kallyr)

>Have I been using "Dragonrise" incorrectly? I mean when Tatius the
>Bright was eaten by the rising Brown Dragon in 1625. KoS p24, body of
>text places Argrath there, and footnote 52 gives other references.

KoS p24 is Argrath's Saga which also claims that he summoned Wyverns to defend the Cradle at Corflu and is not wholely reliable. The CHDP mentions both Minaryth Purple and Orlaront Dragonfriend as being present. However the two are companions of Kallyr (KoS p235) and do not appear in the list of Argrath's companions (KoS p189). Ergo the odds are that Argrath is credited with something he didn't do.

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