Re: Drogarsi and Orlanth questions of status

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:33:39 +1000

G-day folks,

Ian contemplates bards:

> Firstly, what position do normal bards hold in
> society? Is it as a non-combatant (in many cultures
> the bard's person was sancrosanct)? As far as I
> remember warriors can't touch them in many places,
> even Kyger Litor exercises restraint here.

> Secondly, as Drogarsi is the wardancer what relative
> position would he hold? He appears to be both bard and
> warrior, given that his place is on the battlefield. I
> am having difficulty deciding whether he could be
> challenged or not.

In my experience, anyone who plays a bagpipe must know how to defend themselves! <g>.

Drogarsi skalds (as the Heortlings name their bards) serve as high entertainers, historians, keepers of genealogies, and ceremonialists - music and dancing are both very important in Heortling magic.

Skalds are VIPs. They are exempt from serving in the clan fyrd, but are expected to be able to defend themeselves (TR 166). They are immune from combat challenges, and it is custom not to attack them in battle. In Hero Wars, Drogarsi have a 'Sing while running' feat. All skalds are high status, and most will be wealthy, and have bodyguards and followers.

Thunder Rebels contains details on Drogarsi and on the profession of skald.


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