Strange Hsunchen

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Peter Metcalfe:
>But the Mraloti aren't in Maniria at this time. According to the Broken
>Council Map (p12), they live beyond the Pralori and east of the Basmoli (in
>what is now modern Daran). Only after the Chaos War and some unknown time
>before the Sinking of Slontos did they move to Ramalia.

Alright, this seems to exclude any contact between the Mraloti and Entruli immigrants of Slontos. The Mraloti may have migrated when Arkat founded the Stygian Empire.

By the way, i read some accounts of Basmol(a) being present in Ralios and fighting against Galanin. Were there Basmoli there previous to the Pendali migration?

>What has become of the original Ramalians is a good question

Maybe the Mraloti were moved by the Godlearners to experiment a merging with the original boar-worshippers of Ramalia (those famous Ramali). The experiment failed when the Godlearners tried to show them the Shapechanging magic and the whole tribe of the Ramali turned into pigs! The Godlearners weren't so easily put out, and the Mraloti became convenient serfs. :-)

>>animals volunteered to help them. Maybe the Mraloti helped the Harandings
>>and tried to show them how to be proper pigs.

Hmm... Now i'll withdraw this.

Joerg Baumgartner
me>>The Entruli are children of Kethaa and Entru,
>land mother and wild man (earth husband)
>>and stated to be Hsunchen too,

It's in Shannon Appel's history of the Kingdom of Night (Tradetalk #4). I don't really believe it myself. Anyway the historian is a troll, so what does he know about Hsunchen?

>About the race of the human form of Hsunchen: I wonder whether this form
>changes in a single person when he or she changs back from beast form to
>human form in a different racial context (say a Sofali from Trowjang off
>the Pamaltelan coast, or a Shan Shan Damali in Pralorela), presuming that
>the same subspecies of beast exists in both places.

If you mean a black Basmoli turning into a lion, entering the hold of a ship, and turning back into human form in Genertela would become white, i'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea :-) Even in a smoother manner, i think they'd keep the type of their original homeland (ie the place were Basmol(a) begat them) (just yielding to my preconceptions)

>In Prax, the "matrix" for the human form seems to be the Golden Age folk
>(the Beast Riders were immigrants themselves, and with their strong pygmy
>portion aren't exactly all Warerans), who probably were related to the On
>Jorri or Vingkot's Summer Wife. Therefore I think that they appear as

IIRC the Golden Age folk descend from Giants (Tada, Genert...), and Glorantha Intro also calls Waha, Eiritha and Stormbull 'Giants'. I don't know where the Beast Riders come from. Waha showed them how to survive but it seems they don't descend from him.

>Pendali agriculture appears to be a fact, but hasn't been specified
>anywhere I can recall. I find cities of hunter gatherers hard to imagine,

If they practiced agriculture they would have lost their 'Hsunchenness'.  The fact that the Pendali were conquered and apparently assimilated makes this likely yet ('Kings of Seshnela, Part I' says the Pendali became peasants or went away). I think Glorantha Intro says the Basim people are theists today (i'm not sure i don't have it here), so maybe the Pendali became theists very early (worshipping Seshna? - the Malkioni had to worship her in order to fight them properly, and the Serpent Kings' lineage stopped after the last Pendali lords were driven off.)

OTOH the Basmoli Ruins in Seshnela look like a lion's lair more than a real city (compared with what the Seshnegi call a city), sort of big mountain with holes and caves IIRC, it makes me think of a pyramid too. Very strange culture.

The Basim people still go there in pilgrimage. Possibly they have kept their traditions (and memory?) alive, however different those traditions are from normal Basmoli.

Back to the roots

- -----------------

>>>peoples shed some of their Hsunchen ways. In the case of the Pendali this
>>>apparently was reversible, and the Galanini horse hsunchen of eastern
>>>Ralios possibly are a similar example.

>>I don't believe the Galanini reversed it. I believe the survivors (which I
>>don't think are canonical BTW, though both David Dunham and I believe they
>>exist) are still theistic sun-worshippers.

>(isn't Drom in Helby, thus horse people territory?)

There were many Hsunchen around Helby, and surely some Galanini used to live there.

There's an interesting example of the way Hsunchen can convert to other ways and then try to reverse it. Lake Helby was famous for its loons and abundant fish. But a bad guy killed the fish and the loons had no food so they all died out. The loon-folk fishermen were forced to practice agriculture so they stopped to be Hsunchen, but weird sects of Loonies are trying to contact their Loon ancestor (and other beasts, as other people believe they have other ancestor beasts). Maybe they dabble in misapplied animism, or maybe it works better because their former practices were misapplied.

I don't think the Pendali reversed to their Hsunchen ways in Basim though. IIRC Glorantha Intro says they are theists and not so uncivilized. But maybe there are 'Lionies' who came to the city and joined the Ancestor Beasts worshippers.


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