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 Chalana Arroy is a little weird and disturbing to them,
> although useful. "Well, they saved Bernan's leg that's true, but no way is
> my son running off to become some pacifist White Healer."

Point of order... while not disputing or touching upon the Uleria point, Chalana Arroy is as basic to Heortling mythology as Ernalda, perhaps even more so, if that can be believed. It was *Chalana Arroy* who actually initiated the Lightbringer's Quest, when Orlanth met her and Arroin at the center of the world (as related in Cults of Terror.) Until this point, Orlanth knew he had to undo what he did by the killing of Yelm somehow, but hadn't the faintest idea of how to do it. Chalana Arroy knew she could do it, but was about to make a suicidal journey to Hell all alone.

Orlanth was wise enough to listen to her, and wise enough in the cosmic mysteries to understand fully the implications of what was to be attempted (he had completed the quest at the Well of Wisdom by this point.)

The release of TR somewhat downplays the role of the Lightbringers in Orlanthi culture. Orlanthi would not fear or find strange Chalana Arroy at all... she is part of the sacred order! Her blessings and healings saved the world. If a son is called to her, who can deny the will of the gods? Obviously, to serve the White Lady is his Wyrd. Initiates and Devotees of Ernalda the healer are more numerous simply because Ernalda is the default woman's goddess. I would surmise that Issaries merchants are quite common, and Lhankor Mhy lawspeakers are not as rare as one may think. Further, a clan who has Initiates or Devotees of the Lightbringers are clans that are blessed, especially in terms of magic. I personally would not find it unusual if out of a clan of 1200, at least a dozen people were initiated to Lightbringer cults, as opposed to the equivalent subcults in the Ernalda/Orlanth structure.

I wouldn't find worship of Arroy or Lhankor Mhy any more unusual than, say, worship of Elmal or Humakt, who are certainly not foreign gods. The Lightbringers are family, even if they were adopted family.

Lightbringer aside... I'm hoping that ST has more on specific Lightbringer magic and rituals, and the mystical/chaos fighting role that the Lightbringers have. I'm sure that various stations of the LBQ can be done as mini-quests in and of themselves, which are probably equivalent to other full blown quests. For example, the station of the quest which has the Lightbringers rescue Eurmal from Sorcerer's Town may gain the community protection for Sorcery powers. I'm also interested in Quests which involve Arroy, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy and Eurmal.

> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:12:54 +1000
> From: "John Hughes" <>
> Subject: Re: Humakt, Urox and the Law
> Stephen Royle:
> > If somebody under the influence of the berserk spell accidently kills a
> > fellow clan member, would they have committed a crime, if so what would
> the
> > normal punishment be.
> > If they have not committed a crime, why not?
> IMG, yes, most certainly. Uroxi and humakti cultists are responsible
> the law, same as everyone else. In humakt's case, it is not the bloodline
> brought before the courts, but the local cult itself. The final paragraph
> Thunder Rebels, page 36 provides details. 'No one is immune: animals, dead
> ancestors and even storms can be bought to court, for justice is part of
> Sacred Order.'
> Kinslaying is the most heinous crime imaginable to Heortlings, a crack in
> the Sacred Order. I don't believe that conveniently going into a frenzy to
> cover your guilt will work. Even if it happened in extraordinary
> circumstances, there will be court proceeding and much shame - the person
> will lose their status and the trust of the clan.

One possible very Orlanthi thing to do is to volunteer for or sponsor a Chalana Arroy resurrection quest, probably annihilating one's own wealth, but making all right with the gods.

> Given the long experience Heortlings have had with such cults (and with
> tricksters!), they know that prevention is better than cure in such cases,
> which means restrictions on where dangerous cults can live (Humakt and
> probably Uroxi lodges are build 'beyond the circle of kin' - TR 118)
> they can go and where they must surrender their weapons. This will be
> reflected in tribal law and custom

Agreed... Or, Urox cultists who enter the Stead are under Orlanth's Hospitality, and Urox bows to the authority of his brother. An Uroxi who submits to the Greeting will probably not frenzy against his host... perhaps add the Uroxi's Worship (Storm Pantheon) or Relationship (Urox) to whatever ability is used to come out of frenzy?

Also, Storm Bull rages seem to be specifically invoked. Defying Orlanth's hospitality would be seen as an insult to both Orlanth as well as the Bull, even if within an enemy's stead, if the Greeting has been given and recieved. Probably, the magic wouldn't even work.

I would presume that an Urox cultist would have little or no chance of frenzying against Kin or Guests, but everyone else is fair game.

> There were sections in the draft law chapter of Thunder Rebels that
> reflected this- like many things, they were edited out because of space
> restrictions. Your clan law code may well include such injunctions as the
> following (though costings may well vary):

<snip law codes>

Good stuff!

Chris Bell
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