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From: Jonas Schiott <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 11:05:19 +0200

on 01-03-29 04.13, Joerg wrote:
>> I think they know of the sun as Ehilm, but don't worship him.
>> This is because they had no history of sun-worship previous to
>> the identification of him as the Emperor.

> Hmm. We're talking about late Vingkotling Age, Greater Darkness and Gray
> Age, not exactly the period to be a successful sun worshipper.

Right. Does this mean we're in agreement?  

>>> The Vustri were less numerous, living in quite hostile terrain
>>> east of Vesmonstran. They received no coverage in the Genertela
>>> Book, but I'm sure they exist as fairly savage Orlanthi.

>> Maybe, but if they're not the ancestors of the Lanksti, who are?

> The Councilic settlers who replaced them and the Zebra hsunchen from
> northwestern Ralios?

But that's were Arkat settled after the wars. And AFAIK those regions were loyal to him. I suppose it could be that my East Wilds story is true: he wiped out all except those willing to change sides.

>> But then again... as David has pointed out to me in private
>> e-mail, all the other 'prizes' (Yelm, Arkat, Sheng) are
>> non-orlanthi.

> Not exactly true in the case of Arkat - hadn't he changed to Humakt
> already at the time of his imprisonment?

Not sure, but I don't think so. As I recall it's something Harmast enlightens him about.

> She could have been a EWF entity, or a renegade God Learner as well.

The EWF is of a slightly _later_ date than the fall of the Shadow Empire, isn't it?
Possibly an early Retun to Rightness crusader, disappointed with later developments in god learnerism. But a fighting Malkioni woman?

> As a non-Orlanthi missionary she wouldn't make much sense, would she?

No, but then I've been thinking some more about Aringor's LBQ. He would need some community and cultic support to pull it off, so perhaps the reestablishment of Orlanth worship was something he accomplished as a _prerequisite_ for the quest, rather than a _result_ of it? Unless his accomplishment is the equal of Harmast's, he must have been following the path Harmast laid down - which means he must have travelled outside his home region to learn about it, and he would quite possibly have learned worship rites at the same time. The question is where he went? How far had knowledge of the LBQ spread in the early Second Age?

Strangely enough, this makes a stronger case for Narnarra being one of the Nysalorian missionaries, as her 'faulty' perception of Orlanth wouldn't matter as much. She could be a Riddler, that would fit in with our (Sten's, Dag's and mine) idea about one of the secrets of the East Wilds: there's an unusual amount of illumination going around, and it's not seen as chaos by the orlanthi, more akin to tricksterhood.

Jonas Schiött

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