Hsunchen and Praxian races

From: Karin Goihl & Daniel Fahey <goihlk_at_zedat.fu-berlin.de>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:53:27 +0200

>If you mean a black Basmoli turning into a lion, entering the hold of a
>ship, and turning back into human form in Genertela would become white,
>i'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea :-) Even in a smoother manner, i
>think they'd keep the type of their original homeland (ie the place
>were Basmol(a) begat them) (just yielding to my preconceptions)

Greg told me that Hsunchen are humans who believe they are animals. It then follows that they can't change their human form (or color), as they are really normal humans.

>>In Prax, the "matrix" for the human form seems to be the Golden Age folk
>>(the Beast Riders were immigrants themselves, and with their strong pygmy
>>portion aren't exactly all Warerans), who probably were related to the On
>>Jorri or Vingkot's Summer Wife. Therefore I think that they appear as
>IIRC the Golden Age folk descend from Giants (Tada, Genert...), and
>Glorantha Intro also calls Waha, Eiritha and Stormbull 'Giants'. I
>don't know where the Beast Riders come from. Waha showed them how to
>survive but it seems they don't descend from him.

The ancestors of the present-day Praxians, meaning the Beast-Riders, followed Storm Bull from the Spike, according to Nomad Gods. These were not the only people in Genert's realm. The inhabitants of Prax were known as the Ta-da Shi, and their leader was the Tada. In Nomad Gods a distinction is made between the Ta-da Shi and the Tribes' Folk, meaning the people we know as the Praxians, or Beast Riders.
The Player's Book of the Genertela box says the Praxians are of the Wareren race.
I don't see how the Basmoli human form would be "matrixed" to the Golden Age people's type, as those people were the natives and the Basmoli came from elsewhere, as did many others.


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