Re: Killing the Gods? I don't think so

From: Utano, Anthony <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 14:08:56 +1000

>:>Well, yes. But Argrath has presumably got to be doing something that
>:>isn't irritating Orlanth.
>:Who knows? He ends up killing the gods so his devotion to Orlanth
>:is somewhat suspect...
>Personally I'm less than impressed with this Stormbringer-like ending in
>KoS. It looks like Greg was a bit depressed about Glorantha at the time,
>and wanted to "end the world".
>I'm going to ignore the whole thing. One clumsy fool (powergaming
>brat) won't be able to kill off all the gods like that, even if he is an
>incarnation of Arkat gone horribly wrong.

Mmmm - I have always thought that Argrath didn't really 'kill' the Gods, he somehow mangled the Heroplane in such a fashion that the Gods could not longer
be contacted. (At least for a long time! )

Maybe in turn this would lead to slow attrition of the 'power' of the Gods - who can say.


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