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David Dunham:
>> By the way, i read some accounts of Basmol(a) being present in Ralios
>>and fighting against Galanin. Were there Basmoli there previous to the
>>Pendali migration?
> I thought they *were* the Pendali?

Yes, i'd completely forgotten that possibility. It's because i was lost in very very deep considerations on the strangeness of Pendali civilization at the moment.....

Related to Ralian hsunchen topics, I've come up with another question. Who were the Tanisorians who fought the Seshnelans later in the Dawn Age? 'The Kings of Seshnela' mentions wolf warriors, could it be that they were Telmori migrants who later converted to sorcery, vampirism, gbajism and chaos?

Almost all the Hsunchen in the Ralios forest stopped to be Hsunchen at one time or another. Is it related to the fall of Hrelar Amali? Was that place a sort of focus for the Ancient Beasts' power?

Daniel Fahey:
>Greg told me that Hsunchen are humans who believe they are animals.
>It then follows that they can't change their human form (or color), as they
>are really normal humans.

Yes, all the more you can theoretically become a Hsunchen if you get adopted among them and believe it very strongly. But i think their belief really makes animals of them. An animal seeing a Hsunchen of the same species in human form will probably react as if the Hsunchen was a member of its own species.


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