The Allīs in Glorantha

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 19:14:55 EST

Hello Friends,=20
> I know an Orlanthi All is 85%.

> I'm guessing that a Yelmic all is 99.9%, or "100% because we refuse to
> acknowledge the existence of any dissenters".
> But what's a Lunar all? 50%? Between 100% and none, depending on the
> day of the week? Either 100% or none, depending on your point of
> view? Both 100% *and* none, at the same time?=20

An Orlanthi All is 85 %.
A Yelmic All is 99 %.
A Lunar ALL is 51 %.=20

Do we have some more All=B4s?

What about a Malkioni All?
Or an Uz All?



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